Before and After Photos

At JJ Photography we pride ourselves on great pictures right from the start.  We know our equipment and we know how to work it in every setting, even when the lighting is not ideal.  Of course, we are human so the shot doesn’t always come out perfect and our subjects are human so the shot doesn’t always come out perfect.  This is where photo editing software becomes essential and Jackie is brilliant at it.  We really spend time with our clients before a shoot to let them know what best suits the look they are going for.   Clothing choices, for example, can really turn a good picture to a great picture.  For our brides, the make up is an especially important topic.  While there are many great make up artists out there, sometimes they don’t know what might look good in person, doesn’t show up well in pictures.  A beautiful wedding can turn into hours of editing because of a simple make up mistake.  So for all you brides out there, please take to heart this one piece of advice…Do not let your make up artist put shimmer on your cheekbones.  You can still highlight with matte finishes but shimmer ends up making you look shiny and sweaty. The goal is to be a blushing bride and not one that looks like she is having hot flashes.  We can also edit any blemishes and yes even wrinkles.  What we do not want to do is take away from the way you were made though.  Natural beauty marks and such make you, well you, and that’s awesome!  We can do magic though at JJ Photography with editing software.  Rest assured you will love your photographs whether we have to use it or not!

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