Boost Your Business – Show Your People

Just say NO to stock photography.  Showing real people doing real work will draw people in a lot faster than that tempestuous stock photography image.  According to Content Marketing Institute:

“Stock photos are cheap and easy, hence tempting. Do not be tempted by cheap and easy. (That’s advice that you can apply in other situations, as well.)

Visual content is a cornerstone of almost every branding campaign. And yet, we still see respectable brands using stock photographs that undermine the credibility of their hard-earned visual-branding standards.

Go authentic

Let’s start with people. Do you work at a company that employs humans? Some work around the office, while others have remote offices or telecommute. And those people, most of them, I assume, have faces. Maybe not attractive faces, but generally they are recognizable as human.

Those are the faces that will replace the cheap-looking stock photos on your website and in your customer-facing materials. Immediately.”

This advice doesn’t stop at just your website.  Everything your customer sees whether in print or on a screen need to be authentic.  People will tell a difference and that difference can make or break your opportunities for new business.  Have your people dress up one day (preferably not casual Friday) and bring in a professional to snap shots of those pearly whites and then smear it all over every piece of marketing/branding materiel you have!  Real photos engage your customers.  Plus you are always running the risk your competitors will use the same stock photos. 

Stock photos are irritatingly perfect.  Studies show that authentic photos are preferred by customers.  Your customers are pretty savvy and will know the difference. So whatever reason you are currently not using your real people in your marketing, you should resolve it and watch your web presence spike.