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 My name is Jackie Jackson. I am a portrait photographer & the owner of JJ Photography in the Austin TX area. I am committed to DSC_0535professional portraits you will LOVE and you CAN afford.

I Love my job! I understand that portraits are priceless pieces of art that most people hold very dear to their hearts. My goal as a photographer is to be your portrait photographer for life!! I am creative with my photography & I always give it my BEST!

Portrait Design/Home Décor:

Whether you choose JJ Photography & Design for your family portrait or another studio; you will be better prepared for photographs that will be enjoyed for years to come with a  Portrait Design Consultation.

If you need photographer Lets schedule a consultation. Home Décor is a big part of Portrait Photography.  Sitting down and going over the look ,color and size Ideas you are looking for to decorate your home is all part of the process.

This way we can get inspiration from your home decor as your portraits will become pieces of art for your home and a design element to any room.

Read more about the process click here

What others are saying:

Jackie photographed from beginning to end, the preparations, the ceremony and the wedding party and guests and family afterwards. Jackie made the pictures available soon after, and my daughter-in-law was able to post the huge album of wedding pictures online. I still enjoy browsing through them. From beginning to end it was a great experience and Jackie captured it all.It was an outdoor daytime wedding. Whether or not Jackie had anything to do with arranging the perfect weather and lighting, she made great photos that captured many happy moments. One of my favorites is of the groom with the broadest smile that expresses his boundless joy in those first few moments of being a husband.” -B.M.

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Best Places in Austin for Senior Portraits

Austin Texas…The Live Music Capital of the World…what a beautiful place we live in.  It’s a photographer’s dream. North, South, East, and West…there are so many unique places in this melting pot.  We have our favorites for photographing weddings of course, but Senior Portraits are a blast to shoot around this city.


Here are some of our favorite places to photograph Senior Portraits in Austin in no specific order.

#1 – Radisson – This beautiful riverside hotel backs up to Town Lake and is short walk to the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge.  There are so many places to photograph around the Radisson we couldn’t even pick just one.

#2 – South Congess (SoCo) – This hip strip features an array of eclectic shops, restaurants, boutiques, antiques, music venues and galleries. With lots of color and life down here, photographing in SoCo is a revolving backdrop to play with.

#3 – Mills Pond – Mills Pond is a little hidden gem in North Austin off of Wells Branch.  A nice walking trail outlines this pond as well as cool swings, benches, rocks, and covered pier.  You wouldn’t believe it’s in the middle of the city!

#4 – Texas Capital Building – no explanation needed.

#5 – Brushy Creek – A 90+ acre park.  Where do we start?  This is just a great place if you are in the outdoor mood and want more natural backdrops.  We could even stop for a picnic!

#6 – Chisholm Trail Park – Home of the famous Round Rock, this place it all – a water fall (small),  big rocks, beautiful bridge, interesting trees and even a little old school house looking building with a tall staircase.  You should defintiely check it out if you haven’t been here.

#7 – UT Campus – fun, fun, fun!

These are 7 of our favorite places to photograph your Senior Pictures.  Have a place in mind?  Leave your comments and let us know!


2015 Bloopers!

Every so often we will get that funny shot that was totally unexpected.  They may not be worthy of social media for the client but they sometimes make my Blooper List.  Here is the best of 2015 wacky, funny, totally unexpected and even gross (but funny)!  Enjoy!JJ Photography-1

JJ Photography-2

JJ Photography-3

JJ Photography-4
JJ Photography-6

JJ Photography-7

JJ Photography-8

JJ Photography-9

JJ Photography-10

JJ Photography-11

And first place goes to:

JJ Photography-5

Photography Tips and Tricks of Capturing Those Furry Friends

Pets are part of the family.  Sometimes they listen better than our kids do and sometimes they have a mind of their own.  Photographing pets can be challenging but not if you know what you are doing and stay open minded.  A little determination can go a long way.  These tips can help!a-lot-of-dogs

  1. Be patient.
  2. Have an idea of what you want to capture but be flexible and go with the flow.  Being too rigid when it comes to pets will leave you frustrated and disappointed.
  3. If it’s possible, shoot pictures the pet’s environment.  Pets can have anxiety just like people when they are in a strange place.
  4. Try different angles and don’t forget to get down on their level.  Looking right into their eyes is more magical than looking at the tops of their furry heads.
  5. Avoid flash if possible. It can wash out your pets and you can lose detail.  It may also frighten some pets.
  6. If they are posing with a family get the family completely set first.  Bring a favorite toy or treat. Once the people are posed, then add the pet and pull out the toy to get them to look at your camera.  You have to be quick and this takes practice which leads me to my next point.
  7. Practice. Get your neighbors  and their pet schnauzer or lizard and practice.
  8. Know your equipment so you can adjust without thinking.
  9. Editing can really make a pet picture great!
  10. If all else fails, set your camera to continuous zoom and a fast shutter speed and just click away as they play.  You are bound to get a few awesome action photos.


New Years Resolution

Do you have one yet?  I think the most common ones are probably losing weight, stopping bad habits like smoking, and spend more time with the family.  The truth is, less than 10% of people actually stick to these resolutions though.  One week into January and people are jamming left over fruit cake into their mouths like it’s the last dessert on earth while the gym membership is put off yet again to “next week.” Don’t be a statistic!  Get that gym membership, smoke that last cigarette, and play tag in the yard with your kids.  If you schedule these things in, you are more likely to succeed.  It’s kind of like brushing your teeth. You do that every morning right?  It’s part of your schedule. And we all thank you for that.

I have an idea for you that I think is very attainable and you will be glad you did it.   GET YOUR PHOTOS PRINTED!!  That’s right I said it.  I’m all for having pics for social media but hardly anyonePRINT-ON-METALJJPhoto is printing pictures anymore!  It’s such a shame.  I’ve recently come across some old photos of grandparents I have never even met.  It’s so cool to see these old printed pictures.  There is really nothing like it!  As a professional photography team, we are astounded at the number of very important events like weddings, maternity, and baby prints that are not actually printed.

Please take a few minutes to read this article from an internet pioneer and Google boss about this astonishing trend.

Or here is a short quote from it:

“This is starting to happen to people who are saving a lot of their digital photographs because they are just files of bits. The file system doesn’t know how to interpret them, you need software to do that. Now you’ve lost the photograph in effect.

“If there are pictures that you really really care about then creating a physical instance is probably a good idea. Print them out, literally.’

So whatever New Year’s Resolution you choose, we at JJ Photography wish you the very best of luck.  Go get em’.  Our followers tend to be pretty spunky so we know you can do it. And don’t forget to PLEASE print your pictures.  Whether they are taken by us or just snapped on your phone camera, take 5 minutes to order them. Your grandchildren’s children will thank you.

See you around the blog! Peace!

Sarah K.

Not a Pretty Picture

I rarely get sick. When I do, I feel like a  little baby. I hate being sick!  Then, I always kick myself for taking for granted what it feels like to be healthy and vow to not take it for granted ever again if I could just get well.  I also am a bit of a germ-a-phob, especially since my son was born.  I have a very fine tuned, keen, sixth sense when dirty little hands are moving toward touching him so I find myself to be a recluse these days.  But this Christmas season I failed.  While everyone around me managed to stay healthy, I am sitting at home wrestling a head/chest cold.  We had about 15 people here at one time and I’m the only one that got sick.  Are you kidding me? Me…who never leaves home without hand sanitizer.  Me…who takes the long way around the store just to avoid walking through a cloud of germs from a stranger’s sneeze.  Me…who holds her breath in elevators. Me…  

I guess I really am in control of nothing.  

FullSizeRender (2)

But when I do find myself in this unwanted state, I have a pretty good arsenal of stuff I use so my plan is  to be better by New Years! I will let you know how that goes.  In the mean time, here are my top five “go-to’s” when battling these nasty colds:

  1. Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Organic Hand Sanitizer spray
  2. Umcka Cold Care Hot Drink Packets
  3. Wellness Colloidal Silver Throat Spray
  4. Sunkist Zinc Throat Lozenges
  5. Neti Pot (any brand)

Here’s my “not-so-pretty-germ-ninja” photo.  I’ve been in my pj’s all day.  No judging.

See you around the blog! Peace!

Sarah K


Top 10 Last Minute Photo Gifts

It’s not too late to get those last minute gifts.  We live in a day that everyone captures digital pictures and puts them on social media.  The problem is hardly anyone gets them actually printed anymore.  That’s why photo gifts are always a great idea! And have some fun with it!

  1. Pick out 12 favorite photos from the past year and get a calendar made!  This is especially great for someone who may be allergic to scheduling and organization.
  2. Get a coffee mug with a photo on it.  Great for a parent or grandparent who loves a good morning cup of coffee.
  3. A Christmas ornament with a family photo on it is great for everyone! Don’t forget the year!
  4. Coasters.  Because no one likes cup rings on their furniture.
  5. A neck tie.  For the proud and humorous dad.
  6. A locket with a tiny picture of the kids inside.  This is an awesome old fashioned gift Grandma will dig.
  7. A guitar pick for the musician in your life.
  8. A large canvas to fill that space on your wall.  You’ve been meaning to put something there forever right?
  9. A photo puzzle for a fun family project.
  10. Last but not least…..underwear!!  Because it’s fun, saucy, and totally unexpected


See you around the blog!