New Trends in Senior Portraits

Senior portraits are becoming a much bigger deal than they used to be.  There aren’t many times in this teen’s life to get all glammed up and treated like royalty for the day.  Teens want to stand out from their peers.  Senior portraits are now more elaborate. Kids want to be unique and make a statement with their photos.  They want to go a step above their predecessors. This is a huge event and something many kids look forward to from the time they can understand what it means.  Now we are seeing things like

THEMED Portraits – from disney charaters to sports stars to favorite color pallets and or music.  Themed photography give a sense of direction and are be a lot of fun!

CANDID Shots – the standard posing has gone out the window from some young folks.  They want to be captured mid laugh or pondering life’s important questions as they look out over the water.

GROUP SHOTS – sometimes best friends are added to pictures or maybe cousins or coaches, etc. How cool is it to see who you used to hang out with?

UNIQUE LOCATIONS – instead of beside the water, what about IN a waterfall?  Wide angle lenses are becoming more important as backdrops are becoming bigger and better.

TEXTURE – photographs in front of or next to some interesting texture really adds dimension to any photo.

FURNITURE – an old sofa in the middle of a field?  Yes please!JJ Photography (47 of 69)

JJ Photography-356

JJ Photography-2


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