New Years Resolution

Do you have one yet?  I think the most common ones are probably losing weight, stopping bad habits like smoking, and spend more time with the family.  The truth is, less than 10% of people actually stick to these resolutions though.  One week into January and people are jamming left over fruit cake into their mouths like it’s the last dessert on earth while the gym membership is put off yet again to “next week.” Don’t be a statistic!  Get that gym membership, smoke that last cigarette, and play tag in the yard with your kids.  If you schedule these things in, you are more likely to succeed.  It’s kind of like brushing your teeth. You do that every morning right?  It’s part of your schedule. And we all thank you for that.

I have an idea for you that I think is very attainable and you will be glad you did it.   GET YOUR PHOTOS PRINTED!!  That’s right I said it.  I’m all for having pics for social media but hardly anyonePRINT-ON-METALJJPhoto is printing pictures anymore!  It’s such a shame.  I’ve recently come across some old photos of grandparents I have never even met.  It’s so cool to see these old printed pictures.  There is really nothing like it!  As a professional photography team, we are astounded at the number of very important events like weddings, maternity, and baby prints that are not actually printed.

Please take a few minutes to read this article from an internet pioneer and Google boss about this astonishing trend.

Or here is a short quote from it:

“This is starting to happen to people who are saving a lot of their digital photographs because they are just files of bits. The file system doesn’t know how to interpret them, you need software to do that. Now you’ve lost the photograph in effect.

“If there are pictures that you really really care about then creating a physical instance is probably a good idea. Print them out, literally.’

So whatever New Year’s Resolution you choose, we at JJ Photography wish you the very best of luck.  Go get em’.  Our followers tend to be pretty spunky so we know you can do it. And don’t forget to PLEASE print your pictures.  Whether they are taken by us or just snapped on your phone camera, take 5 minutes to order them. Your grandchildren’s children will thank you.

See you around the blog! Peace!

Sarah K.

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