Photo Parties…the new craze!

We have all been to them… Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Scentsy, and many more…. This party crazy started with the soccer moms but now everyone is doing them.  Why not?  If you host, you get something cool and free or a percentage of sales go towards your purchase, etc.  Your friends usually have a blast (depending on what you are serving) and it’s just an all around good time for some girl fun.  The newest hostess with the mostess has a photo party!  What a brilliant idea!  You can get as fun and creative with this one as you want.  How does it work?  To host a party means to invite all your friends over.  We set up a backdrop or choose a cool outdoor setting and one by one each group gets their picture taken by a professional photographer.  Prints can be ordered online later and the hostess gets one free!  You could do this for a birthday party, family portraits, or a fashion show for little girls! Throw in a little grub and some icy cold beverages and you’ve got yourself a party people will talk about for a long time!

JJ Photography-31

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