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One of the marks of a good photographer is someone who can be versatile to meet the needs of client personalities.   A photographer should be able to adjust. At JJ Photography we have had the joy of working with brides with many different styles.  Funky and fun, classic, modern, romantic, silly, and everything in between. JJ Photography wants to capture YOU in every frame.  When you look back on your photos 10, 20, 30 or more years from now we want you to love your pictures as much as the day you took them. Yes fashion changes and culture changes and hairstyles change but you be you.  There is only one you and will never be another like you.   Before the big day Jackie will meet with you to see what look you are going for. We take this seriously and so should you! When that day has come and gone all you will have left are the memories in your head and the pictures you get printed. That is why our tag line is “Memories that Last a Lifetime”.  We believe it…We live it…

Beach wedding (34 of 37)psB&W




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JJ Photography-7004 (1)




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