Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer is SO important to your big day.  That day will come and go but your photographs are the only thing that last.  Don’t skimp on your photographer.  I have a few questions listed that you should ask, but also just make sure you meet with them well in advance.  Pick someone that fits your personality and has the experience.  Pick someone with a style you like and don’t be afraid to ask questions and spend some time with them before you make your decision.  Here are just a few questions to keep in your back pocket at that first meeting.JJ Photography (78 of 197)

1. Do you have photos of entire weddings that I can see?

You want to make sure your photographer can tell a story. You also want to see the beginning posed photos on into their evening candid photos.

2. Can I see a variety of different style options?

3. Who will be photographing my wedding?

Just make sure you aren’t hiring one and getting another.  Make clear how many and who your photographer/s will be.

4. When will my proofs, prints, and wedding album be available?

Find out your photographer’s turnaround time. You want this expectation determined from the beginning.

5. How many pictures will you take?

A photographer usually shoots about 500 exposures at an average wedding, but how many of those images will you have to choose from?


We can’t stress this enough: Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  This is an important day and you want the right fit for it!

Last Minute Wedding Checklist

Last Minute Wedding Checklist. Use this checklist and will help you enjoy a stress-free wedding!

1. Have your things that you are going to take with you ready the day before. Make a list that you can check off so you don’t forget anything.

2. Call your coordinator and get a list of the order of things. So you have your own copy.

3. Call the wedding venue or chapel and find out if there is anything going on before or after the wedding. So you know what it’s going to be like when you arrive.

4. Call all of your venders the day before or two days before and confirm your wedding date. Call the band and or the Dj, the Minister, Photographer, Florets, transportation, and the place doing your wedding cake.

5. Have all of the contacted information for venders, bridal party, and the solon doing your hair and nails with you on your wedding day.

6. Have a designated person at your wedding that will handle any problems, such as tracking people down, and helping to work out the last minute cynics that may arrive.

Tips on how to handle a missing vendor on the day of the wedding:

If you can’t get in touch with a vendor the day of the wedding, have your appointed party try to track them down. Hopefully, you will have all of their contact information with you at the wedding and reception site. Should your appointed person be unsuccessful in finding them, she should then start hunting down alternatives. Most wedding venders will be happy to suggest last minute fixes for such a problem, and in such emergencies you may be surprised how well people can come together and solve last minute wedding glitches.

If you can’t find a substitute, here are some other suggestions:

Missing Florist: Have your appointed person run to a grocery store or florist and buy as many flowers as you can afford. If flowers are not readily available, tell them to look for tall pillar candles. The members of your wedding party will look simple and elegant carrying a candle each. Candles can also make simple centerpieces. Another alternative would be to build centerpieces out of fresh fruit and votive candles. Your guests will never know that the florist didn’t come!

Missing Photographer: Call as many guests as you can and ask them to bring cameras. If you hadn’t already planned to have cameras on the table, get a wedding party member to run to the grocery store and purchase some. After the wedding, set up a place where people can exchange photos (such as flickr or Kodak. You may end up being surprised at how fun and creative your guests can be with just some point and shoot cameras.  (Special Note: I have never missed a wedding! :))

Missing Minister or Officiant: In a pinch, download a copy of a wedding service from the Internet, and then ask a well-spoken good friend to lead the wedding. While you won’t be legally married at the end of the day, you will still have had a memorable and spiritual wedding. Later, you can go to city hall and make things legal, or get married by a religious leader in a more intimate way.

Missing Printer with Wedding Programs: In the end, no one will notice that you didn’t have programs. If you have enough time, you can try to print out a new original, and run copies off on a Xerox machine, but it will be just as lovely without. In the end, the important thing is to breathe! While you may believe that your wedding day is ruined, remember the important thing is to celebrate your love together in front of your loved ones. As long as that happens, what could go wrong?

What is your style?

One of the marks of a good photographer is someone who can be versatile to meet the needs of client personalities.   A photographer should be able to adjust. At JJ Photography we have had the joy of working with brides with many different styles.  Funky and fun, classic, modern, romantic, silly, and everything in between. JJ Photography wants to capture YOU in every frame.  When you look back on your photos 10, 20, 30 or more years from now we want you to love your pictures as much as the day you took them. Yes fashion changes and culture changes and hairstyles change but you be you.  There is only one you and will never be another like you.   Before the big day Jackie will meet with you to see what look you are going for. We take this seriously and so should you! When that day has come and gone all you will have left are the memories in your head and the pictures you get printed. That is why our tag line is “Memories that Last a Lifetime”.  We believe it…We live it…

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