Take Group Photos Like a PRO

Group photos are some of the most popular photos around.  At a wedding they are especially popular because you get to see everyone who attended! There are many challenges to getting good pictures though. The problem is, there is always that one person looking away or blinking isn’t there?  Or it’s just not a good shot, it’s too far away or too close up or one person is in focus and everyone else is blurry.   Plus, how do you get everyone to smile at the same time?JJ PhotographyCR (56 of 149)

  1. TIMING – Take your group photos at the beginning of the event.  Everyone is happy and smiling and looking their best.  Plus the alcohol hasn’t set in too much yet.  But if it’s too sunny – you may have to wait until a little later so you don’t get a bunch of squinty eyes.
  2. TAKE CONTROL – you may seem a little bossy but everyone will thank you later.  If you get lost in the crowd, you are going to have a hard time getting a shot.
  3. SMILE – You should be smiling. Think “follow the leader.”  Motivate them.  Give them a reason to do this shot.  Talk to them and explain what you are doing

4. VISIBILITY – If people can see your camera, it can see them.  Remind them of this!

5. POSE POSE POSE – Pose people…if they are your friends this may mean literally grabbing them by the shoulders and moving them into position.  If you don’t know them, we don’t recommend this! 🙂 Get the heads of everyone on different levels. People have a natural “bubble space” they do not want to invade but get everyone to tighten and squish together. But don’t take too long or get too creative with posing or you will start losing people fast.

6. CREATIVE ANGLES – Get up high, looking down to everyone.  Or get down low and look up at people.  Switch it up.

7. TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS – like…a LOT.  Put your camera on continuous speed. Then you have more to pick from later.

8. USE WIDE ANGLE LENS – if possible

9. SET APERTURE – to f8 or higher so you get everyone in focus

10. USE A TRIPOD AND HAND HELD REMOTE- if possibleSarah%20wedding%20285-M


And remember, the larger the group, the harder it is to get that perfect shot.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Just take a lot of pictures and even if it turns out there was a kid picking his nose in the corner…well it makes a great funny story later.  Happy shooting!

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