Caution…Wide Load!

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Tired of the same old photos? A wide angle lens will profoundly change the overall results of your photography.  They provide an angle of view that’s different from the “norm”, and therefore make a wonderful addition to your stock.  Wide angle lenses provide what is called as a perspective distortion. It’s this perspective distortion coupled with the wide angle of view that makes these lenses a wonderful tool.  They are more expensive to manufacture so they are expensive yes…but worth it!  To sum it up you can see more in the frame with a wide angle lens.  It provides a depth you can not obtain with any other lens.  There are some tips for newbies in the land of wide angle lenses.

Tips for Shooting with Wide Angle Lenses

  1. Compose your photo with a primary foreground object. This helps create a sense of depth and adds to the intensity of the wide angle.
  2. Try taking a photo by getting close to your subject.  The results are interesting!
  3. The distortion created by wide angle lenses can be used creatively for some shots.
  4. Typically, portraits are shot with medium telephoto lenses or standard angle lenses, try using a wide angle for portraiture!
  5. Wide angle lenses are great for panorama photography.
  6. Try taking photos of children with wide angle lenses; they’re one of the best subjects for wide angle lens portraiture.
  7. Homes/rooms/indoors in general can be captured more with a lens like this.  You see those grand looking rooms all the time in magazines or realtor  sites – this is the secret!

Check out these photos Jackie took around Texas with her Wide-Angle Lens.  Beautiful and unique!

JJ Photography-6ps

JJ Photography-53 JJ Photography-67


JJ Photography-70

JJ Photography-5822

Jackie’s  new toy <3

JJ Photography Lens-4JJ Photography Lens-3JJ Photography Lens JJ Photography Lens-5

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