February…the Month of Love…

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It’s February and love is in the air!  You are either excited about this news or you just threw up in your mouth a little bit.  Valentine’s Day is a love or hate sort of thing.  I happen to love it myself.  Celebrating love is a joyous thing and we are celebrating here at JJ Photography.  So what are you getting your sweetie?  Here is a man’s guide to the ultimate Valentine’s Day gifts.JJ Photography-29-L

  1. Lingerie
  2. Perfume
  3. Flowers
  4. Chocolates
  5. Wine

The problem with this common and expected list is that most women are a little health conscious these days.  These gifts are kind of an oxymoron.  I don’t know many women who want to eat a bunch of chocolate and then get into something slinky and silky.  So I made my own list for ladies because well….this is reality.

  1. A year of house cleaning (she will love you forever)
  2. Babysitting coupons attached to Massage Gift Certificates (trust me this will go over well)
  3. Amazon gift card (be careful here, she may dry up you bank account, especially with Prime)
  4. Fitbit (even if she is not a fitness guru, there is something exciting about counting steps after you push a stroller or work all day.)
  5. A Vacation (enough.said.)

Whatever you do….get her something. Even if she tells you not to because the truth is, everyone loves to feel loved.

See you around the blog! Peace!




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