Get in Your Comfort Zone

I’m not camera shy myself.  Good photos…bad photos…they all make their way to my Facebook page somehow.  I’m not a fan of makeup and I avoid wearing jeans about 350 days out of the year. Work out clothes or PJ’s are all the rave in my house.  However, I am very aware that not everyone is like me.  I have friends that put on makeup just to go through the drive-through at the bank.  To each their own.  Whatever end of the spectrum you fall on, people have a pre-determined image of how they should be photographed.  The secret to getting that best photo actually likes in the comfort level.  Even if the picture is posed, their is a certain comfort level that shines through in the photo that can make it great or kill it completely.  If you find a photographer that makes you comfortable, you are on your way to that great captured moment….a picture you will love and cherish for your whole lifetime.  It takes a special photographer though.  This talent separates the good guys from the bad guys.  This is one (of many) reason to pay for a professional who delivers.  Even if you give someone the top of the line camera and show them how to use it and even if the setting and backdrop is the most beautiful any eye has seen and even if the photo is framed perfectly….an uncomfortable client will overshadow everything else.

When you team up with JJ Photography, you will see that Jackie loves what she does so it’s fun for her to photograph you.  Yes, YOU and your family.  It’s personal.  And she loves it!  Yes, she may coach you into some poses but she talks to you like a person and studies the way you naturally carry yourself right away. This allows her to put you in the most natural and flattering angles.  If you aren’t digging the poses, she can read that too.  So you can run through a field, roll in the leaves, or swing from trees for all we care.  When you are comfortable, the picture will show it.  JJ Photography (7 of 126)You also won’t catch her look at her screen and interjecting with “oops” or “uh oh” or “that looks bad”.  Talk about killing the mood of the shoot!  Doing these things makes people feel uncomfortable and it makes them think that the shoot is not going well.  Jackie wouldn’t claim that she doesn’t make mistakes but she fixes them before anyone would ever even know.  She doesn’t advertise it.  Also, nothing can kill your confidence faster than a photographer who shows up late, is flustered, and doesn’t have her gear set up and ready.  We know your time is precious and you can see the irritation on a person’s face in their photos.  We won’t do this to you plus it’s less for us to Photoshop.  Jackie is always ready like a pro because she is one.

So whether you are camera shy or not, you deserve a good photo.  Jackie is the professional and she gets it.  Let us show you!

See you around the blog! Peace!

Sarah K.



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