Tips for Stunning Senior Portraits

There are so many tips out there from clothing choices to make up and hair to location and even props.  When it comes to Senior Portraits, you want to be especially thoughtful about all these aspects.  These are your Senior Portraits!  They stay with you (or haunt you) the rest of your life they deserve more thought than just a trusty ol’ letter jacket and cap and gown.  Here are some tips for this very special time in your life:

#1 – Stick to YOU and your normal clothing style but kick it up a notch.  Keep the essence of you because you don’t want to look at the pictures 10 years down the line and realize you never wore that sweater again after your Senior Portraits because you didn’t really like it to begin with!JJ Photography (44 of 69)

#2 – Practice your smile.  You probably want to do this when you know your little brother won’t be spying on you in the bathroom but cheese it up in front of the mirror.  See what angles you like and what looks most natural.

#3 – Spend some time piecing together different tops with different bottoms and add in a variety of shoes and/or jewelry.  See what looks good. Get the opinions of your friends.

#4 – Remember that dark colors are slimming and stay away from patterns.  They take away from your gorgeous face!

JJ Photography (16 of 221)

#5 – Get plenty of sleep the night before and make sure you have plenty of time to get ready.

#6 – Avoid sparkles or shimmer on your face. Enhance your eyes with a really good make-up job.

#7 – Schedule for early morning or late in the day to avoid harsh sunlight and sweaty cheeks.
#8 – Don’t use too much product in your hair.  If you tilt your head to the side, you want your hair to tilt with you.  This isn’t the         80’s!

#9 – Vary your clothing choices. Don’t do all skirts or all jeans.  Mix it up!  And don’t forget your props!

#10 – Make sure your nails look nice and clean.

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