Tis’ the Season….

This is my favorite time a year. Even with all the messed up things going on around the world, people are usually a little bit nicer, a little more giving, and a little more compassionate. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with a unique Christmas tradition with my kiddos that would encompass these values.  This morning my nine year old was banging around in the kitchen and the dogs were nudging my side reminding me they needed to be fed. I lay snuggled up next to my two month old son looking into his big brown eyes wondering what the day would bring but not ready to actually get out of bed to start it.
My mind was all twisted up with this Christmas tradition idea and then it hit me…
Let me rewind and introduce myself. I’m Sarah, a new blogger for JJ Photography although most of you have seen me pop in and out of her blog over the past few years. Its been fun to work with Jackie on different projects and even as a back up 2photographer from time to time. I love to write though and it’s not Jackie’s favorite thing so this relationship works out perfect! One of those fun projects this year was a bridal show in Dallas that I worked with Jackie and Tenille. It was work yes, but it was also an excuse for some good ol’ fashioned girl time. If you’ve ever worked any kind of trade show you know the work that goes into it so it makes a huge difference when you have a fun, upbeat team to spend those 2 grueling days with. When I’m with these two gals I usually secure a nice ab workout just by laughing. Our booth reflected our energy and was bright with vivid colors.  We had black and white shirts and hot pink shoes.  I even had a hot pink hat with bling!  We wanted an interactive display so we made a “Spin the Wheel” for the brides to spin and they always won cool gifts. 35a34339-c440-445d-888b-72c2675ddec3 Have you seen the hot pink pens for JJ Photography?  Super
cute!  We also had these black bags to give away with hot pink writing.  They were a huge hit!  We have some bags left over from the show which led to my bright idea this morning. I was laying there, before I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and started my Cup o’ Joe, and it hit me that that these bags would double as a way to give back to the community in the form of a goodie bag for the homeless.  The hottest gifts for a homeless person include hand sanitizer, granola bars, soap, tooth brush, hat, socks.  You can even look for gently used items around your house like scarves, lotion, or sweatshirts you don’t use but someone would be very grateful for.  A grocery bag is not that sturdy so these JJ bags are just the ticket! It’s the season to spread some cheer and I have a few things in my closet just screaming to be worn.  I loaded the kids and we found some cheap edible goodies to include.  For less than 10 bucks you can give a gift that is priceless to someone in need.  I think I found my new Christmas tradition and the idea started with a little black bag…

See you around the blog! Peace!

Sarah K

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