Top 10 Last Minute Photo Gifts

It’s not too late to get those last minute gifts.  We live in a day that everyone captures digital pictures and puts them on social media.  The problem is hardly anyone gets them actually printed anymore.  That’s why photo gifts are always a great idea! And have some fun with it!

  1. Pick out 12 favorite photos from the past year and get a calendar made!  This is especially great for someone who may be allergic to scheduling and organization.
  2. Get a coffee mug with a photo on it.  Great for a parent or grandparent who loves a good morning cup of coffee.
  3. A Christmas ornament with a family photo on it is great for everyone! Don’t forget the year!
  4. Coasters.  Because no one likes cup rings on their furniture.
  5. A neck tie.  For the proud and humorous dad.
  6. A locket with a tiny picture of the kids inside.  This is an awesome old fashioned gift Grandma will dig.
  7. A guitar pick for the musician in your life.
  8. A large canvas to fill that space on your wall.  You’ve been meaning to put something there forever right?
  9. A photo puzzle for a fun family project.
  10. Last but not least…..underwear!!  Because it’s fun, saucy, and totally unexpected


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