Why I Love to Photograph Senior Portraits

Why not?  Young adults…naive to the pressures of the world…bursting to get out of their parents’ house…young and in love with life; their boyfriend; their tuba; their swim team….Photographing highschool seniors is a blast!  You have those that have never really been in front of a camera before so their shy shell is a great challenge to break and one I like.  Then you have those aspiring models, ready to take on the world.  Those career minded kids with their strong profiles and perfect posture seem to shine in a camera lens. There is never a dull day in the world of senior portraits.  I like to talk to them about their aspirations.  I like to encourage their dreams and stand in their corner. I like to hear all the wacky stories and tall tales of what goes on in those highschool hallways. I feel like I was just their age! Where did the time go? Sigh…..

At JJ Photography we take pride in our beloved Seniors.  Why wouldn’t we?  They have that life in them before anyone told them they couldn’t.  They are the next generation.  Their cheeks are still rosey and teeth are still white.  The spirit of a high school senior about to go off and make their way in the world can be seen in those photos.  They will look back on those for the rest of their lives.  Heck ya, I want to be a part of that!

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