Caution…Wide Load!

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Tired of the same old photos? A wide angle lens will profoundly change the overall results of your photography.  They provide an angle of view that’s different from the “norm”, and therefore make a wonderful addition to your stock.  Wide angle lenses provide what is called as a perspective distortion. It’s this perspective distortion coupled with the wide angle of view that makes these lenses a wonderful tool.  They are more expensive to manufacture so they are expensive yes…but worth it!  To sum it up you can see more in the frame with a wide angle lens.  It provides a depth you can not obtain with any other lens.  There are some tips for newbies in the land of wide angle lenses.

Tips for Shooting with Wide Angle Lenses

  1. Compose your photo with a primary foreground object. This helps create a sense of depth and adds to the intensity of the wide angle.
  2. Try taking a photo by getting close to your subject.  The results are interesting!
  3. The distortion created by wide angle lenses can be used creatively for some shots.
  4. Typically, portraits are shot with medium telephoto lenses or standard angle lenses, try using a wide angle for portraiture!
  5. Wide angle lenses are great for panorama photography.
  6. Try taking photos of children with wide angle lenses; they’re one of the best subjects for wide angle lens portraiture.
  7. Homes/rooms/indoors in general can be captured more with a lens like this.  You see those grand looking rooms all the time in magazines or realtor  sites – this is the secret!

Check out these photos Jackie took around Texas with her Wide-Angle Lens.  Beautiful and unique!

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Jackie’s  new toy <3

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What is your style?

One of the marks of a good photographer is someone who can be versatile to meet the needs of client personalities.   A photographer should be able to adjust. At JJ Photography we have had the joy of working with brides with many different styles.  Funky and fun, classic, modern, romantic, silly, and everything in between. JJ Photography wants to capture YOU in every frame.  When you look back on your photos 10, 20, 30 or more years from now we want you to love your pictures as much as the day you took them. Yes fashion changes and culture changes and hairstyles change but you be you.  There is only one you and will never be another like you.   Before the big day Jackie will meet with you to see what look you are going for. We take this seriously and so should you! When that day has come and gone all you will have left are the memories in your head and the pictures you get printed. That is why our tag line is “Memories that Last a Lifetime”.  We believe it…We live it…

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Hair and Makeup Round Rock

All my JJ Brides out there….we are looking to partner with a Hair and Makeup artist for a special shoot.  We are looking specifically in the Round Rock/Georgetown area.  Who is your favorite?  Why do you like him or her?   Shoot us an email or just comment on this blog post. Spill….  and we thank you!

Have a fabulous day!!



Why I Love to Photograph Senior Portraits

Why not?  Young adults…naive to the pressures of the world…bursting to get out of their parents’ house…young and in love with life; their boyfriend; their tuba; their swim team….Photographing highschool seniors is a blast!  You have those that have never really been in front of a camera before so their shy shell is a great challenge to break and one I like.  Then you have those aspiring models, ready to take on the world.  Those career minded kids with their strong profiles and perfect posture seem to shine in a camera lens. There is never a dull day in the world of senior portraits.  I like to talk to them about their aspirations.  I like to encourage their dreams and stand in their corner. I like to hear all the wacky stories and tall tales of what goes on in those highschool hallways. I feel like I was just their age! Where did the time go? Sigh…..

At JJ Photography we take pride in our beloved Seniors.  Why wouldn’t we?  They have that life in them before anyone told them they couldn’t.  They are the next generation.  Their cheeks are still rosey and teeth are still white.  The spirit of a high school senior about to go off and make their way in the world can be seen in those photos.  They will look back on those for the rest of their lives.  Heck ya, I want to be a part of that!

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Engagement Pictures in Austin Texas

Austin is a beautiful place for all pictures but Engagements are especially important because people want to remember WHERE they got engaged and what happened exactly.  Maybe they are making their home in Austin so they want pictures that represent that.  Maybe it’s just cool.  No matter the reason, we love shooting engagements in Austin! “How did he propose?” is the question often asked.  And we are there to capture they event in real time or celebrate the engagement after the fact.
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My engagement was funny.  Plan A foiled so my now-husband had to go to Plan B.  It happened in Las Vegas at one of my favorite casinos..the Rio.  There is an awesome restaurant on the roof of the Rio overlooking the whole strip.  The plan was to propose there but my husband didn’t check to see what time the restaurant opened and they were closed when we got there!  I had no idea what was going on and he was so disappointed.  We were standing outside the restaurant so he just got on one knee and proposed.  No time like the present right? We were overlooking the penny slots at the Rio instead of the whole Las Vegas strip! We laugh about it now.  Unfortunately Jackie was not there to capture it but she did take our Engagment Pictures here in Austin after we got back.  These were done at Old Settlers Park in Round Rock!

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What is your engagement story?  We want to hear about it! Tell us in our comment section or email me at  The most interesting one will get a custom blog to celebrate your love and share your story on our website on Valentine’s Day!!  

February…the Month of Love…

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It’s February and love is in the air!  You are either excited about this news or you just threw up in your mouth a little bit.  Valentine’s Day is a love or hate sort of thing.  I happen to love it myself.  Celebrating love is a joyous thing and we are celebrating here at JJ Photography.  So what are you getting your sweetie?  Here is a man’s guide to the ultimate Valentine’s Day gifts.JJ Photography-29-L

  1. Lingerie
  2. Perfume
  3. Flowers
  4. Chocolates
  5. Wine

The problem with this common and expected list is that most women are a little health conscious these days.  These gifts are kind of an oxymoron.  I don’t know many women who want to eat a bunch of chocolate and then get into something slinky and silky.  So I made my own list for ladies because well….this is reality.

  1. A year of house cleaning (she will love you forever)
  2. Babysitting coupons attached to Massage Gift Certificates (trust me this will go over well)
  3. Amazon gift card (be careful here, she may dry up you bank account, especially with Prime)
  4. Fitbit (even if she is not a fitness guru, there is something exciting about counting steps after you push a stroller or work all day.)
  5. A Vacation (enough.said.)

Whatever you do….get her something. Even if she tells you not to because the truth is, everyone loves to feel loved.

See you around the blog! Peace!




Photo Parties…the new craze!

We have all been to them… Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Scentsy, and many more…. This party crazy started with the soccer moms but now everyone is doing them.  Why not?  If you host, you get something cool and free or a percentage of sales go towards your purchase, etc.  Your friends usually have a blast (depending on what you are serving) and it’s just an all around good time for some girl fun.  The newest hostess with the mostess has a photo party!  What a brilliant idea!  You can get as fun and creative with this one as you want.  How does it work?  To host a party means to invite all your friends over.  We set up a backdrop or choose a cool outdoor setting and one by one each group gets their picture taken by a professional photographer.  Prints can be ordered online later and the hostess gets one free!  You could do this for a birthday party, family portraits, or a fashion show for little girls! Throw in a little grub and some icy cold beverages and you’ve got yourself a party people will talk about for a long time!

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